Nowadays, Muslims in Indonesia, even in the world, were shocked by the burning of the black flag with white-colored tawheed (the indivisible oneness concept of monotheism in Islam) sentence, carried out by a youth organization, the underbow of the largest Islamic organization in Indonesia.

Indonesian Muslims strongly react to this. As for them,the persons from youth organization who carried out the flag-burning have insulted the Muslims symbol of pride. For them the black-colored flag with white-colored tawheed  is a flag or a banner of war of Rasulullooh (mesenger of Allah). For the majority of Muslims,  it is obligatory to respect the tawheed sentence, even without symbolizing it into a flag of Rasulullooh.  Thus it is understandable that the burning of the flag is considered a serious harassment of Rasulullooh and Muslims worldwide.

The issue has not been resolved yet. As the leader of the organization, refused to apologize. In a sense that they, basically, has not been harassing the symbol of the pride of the Muslims. According to him, what was burned by his men was the flag of a forbidden organization in Indonesia, which was called the Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI)- an organization aspiring indonesia to be part of a system of the world Islamic caliphate.

It is interesting, that the leader of the youth organization, insisted that it was the flag of HTI. Even though, there is even no symbol or forms of  writings related to HTI in the flag.

He indeed apologized to the angry Muslims because the actions of his men caused noise or anxiety among Indonesian Muslims. Or if further elaborated, the burning of the flag should not be known by many people or hide the act in a safe place hidden place or just hand the flag to the police.

Such a mindset is not accepted by the angry Muslims. They filed lawsuits at the head of the youth organization. Because,  based on their beliefs, they have harassed the pride symbol of Muslims. What’s interesting is that the Indonesian police seem to be siding with the flag burners. The flag burners were all released by the police, because they were deemed to have no evil will.

The problem is increasingly widespread with legal battles between the ulama (islamic scholars) from both sides. That is in the matter of whether it is permissible to write the tawheed sentence on cloth or flag. The ulama who defended the the flag burning claimed that the law was makruh (disapproved) or could even fall into haram (forbidden), if they wrote the tawheed sentence on a flag or other materials. The law was not only written by the 4 mazhab (school of islamic thought), Shafi’i, Hambali, Maliki and Hanafi , but also by Ibnu Taymiah (one of a great ulama who became the reference for other Islamic organizations in Indonesia and even the world).

Whereas the ulama who rejects the burning of the flag, said that the sentence of tawheed can be written alone, as far as they can maintain purity.


There are two problems that can be drawn from the above descripption, namely:

  1. Is the black flag with the white-colored tawheed sentence on is top, the flag of Rasulullooh or not?
  2. Whether or not the tawheed sentence can be written on the fabric, hat, mosque’s wall, the painting attached to the wall of the house, or on a ring.

This article is intended to focus on the first problem. But because it is interrelated, there are also opinions for the second issue.

The decision of the first problem, as it can be ascertained, was that there were indeed flags or war banners tied to the spears of the Islamic fighters in a battle. War banners or war flags are part of the rules of war at that time, determining a defeat or a victory in a battle. And the one holding the war flag is the warlord of the army. We can read the awesomeness of the war flag in the battle of Mu’tah. Where the three Muslims warlords must heroically die, defending the war flag. Until then, the war flag was held by Khalid bin Walid, the Roman conqueror.

On the basis of the obvious existence of  the flag of war, and to witness the fact that the majority of the Muslims worldwide believe that the flag of Rasulullooh or the ‘Ar-Royah’  are black in color with white tawheed sentences on top, it is just natural that then  I proclaim to the whole world  the flag of Muslims worldwide, from now on,  is a black flag with tawheed sentence written in tsuluts khat above  (like a flag burned by a person from the underbow of youth organization of the largest Islamic organization in Indonesia). Ttsuluts’s style of writing  is more prefered compare to Kufi’s style because of it’s beauty.

The Muslim flag was chosen which was based on Ar-Royah, (the flag when Rosulullooh struggled) because the time has come for Muslims worldwide to fight striving in demand of justice throughout the world. The Justice is not only for Muslims, but also for people with relidion. Or  Even people without religion.

For example, for Indonesia, it is natural for Muslims to demand the enactment of Islamic law, if a province or district inhabited by Muslims in  majority and at the same time, the majority of Muslims in the area intend to implement the Islamic law. Or at least, the Indonesian government changed the holiday on Sunday to Friday. If it refers to the fairness of justice, Sunday holidays are not fair for Muslims. Christians can conduct services at 5 p.m. or 7 p.m. or even at 9 p.m after returning home from work on Sunday (Western Indonesia Time). Whereas Muslims, can only do Friday prayer around 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Western Indonesia Time). Muslims are much lager in number  in this republic than other religious people. But Muslims have a hard time doing Friday prayers. Because Friday is not a holiday.

Moreover, based on economic calculation, Friday holiday will be more profitable because the majority of workers are Muslims. So there is no time wasted.

By proclaiming the existence of a black flag with white-colored tawheed sentence in sulut script, all governments in the world are demanded to allow the flag of the Muslims to fly in the offices of Muslims, besides the national flag of each country.

The government of a country may examine a person or organization raising the Islamic flag and may even arrest them, if only they are proven to endanger the country where the person or the organozation lives in. But the flag of the Muslims should be treated with honor. And if the organization or the person is proven not to endanger the country where they  live in, then it is obligatory for the organization to be released and allowed to fly the Muslim flag.

The decision of the second problem (The problem of writing the tauhid sentence)

It is clear in common sense that the law of makruh or even haram to write the tawheed sentence anywhere is very naive. In common sense, the tawheed sentence can be written anywhere, such as on flags, walls of mosques, paintings, hats, rings, decorations on the walls of the house etc. as far as its purity can be maintained. If we blindly take the jumhur (majority) of the ulama as the defenders of burning claimed, then the entire calligraphies in the mosques, or  the paintings of tawheed sentences stuck on the walls of our house, all must be destroyed. Then Saudi Arabia must change its flag. For people who are sensible, such a destruction is a very absurd stupidity

In the end, I pray to Allah SWT, May he Allah re-exalt Islam and Muslims as in the previous era.

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