Let’s Fight It Out On the Street

Let’s Fight It Out On the Street

Cirebon Indonesia, April 23rd 2020


Honorable US President,

Donald Trump 

In Place 

Peace and blessings be upon us all,

I watched your video that showed your determination to lift up the lockdown policy and make the US citizens return to work just like usual.

            For me, your decision is very amazing indeed. Because just like what I wrote and sent to you, there’s nothing that can fight against Corona virus. Lockdown is just a temporary stoppage from the Chinese virus attack. Even though 95% of people with that superior immunity has been doing their best for the safety of 5% with inferior immunity. Meanwhile vaccine that you’re about to give will not going to have any effect to prevent the return of this Chinese virus to run rampant in US and in the world once more.

Useless people that will become liability to the nation (if we think cold-heartedly) is very much suitable to be sent to the Mars as soon as possible. Included in these people are drunkard, adulterers, and LGBT community. So that only people with superior immunity that will be live in the United States of America.

Fighting against the Chinese virus with locking down the whole country and searching for any suspected individuals is something that don’t have any clear purpose within it. On the other hand, China is ready to sacrifice 100-200 millions of its people to acquire people with these superior immunity. Only Wuhan city that was undergoing lockdown other areas were not.  

            The honorable President Donald Trump,

If your courageous steps were followed by the whole world, then this world will be filled with great people. Youngsters, people with good nutrition and lifestyle. People with superior immunity.

If you are brave enough to do that, then it’s logical that people in Islamic majority countries to do the same. Even though half of them are already in the old age and malnourished, but their lifestyle is superior. Their God is the true God as true as it can be. The God that can submit Chinese virus easily and giving good health for anyone that He wants. It’s up to that God everything in this world. Whether they, the old and malnourished Muslims, should die as a syahid, when fighting directly against that Chinese virus on the street or survive the onslaught and keep on living.

            The honorable President Donald Trump  

           You should stimulate the Muslims in all over the world to fight directly on the street so that the spinning wheel of world’s economy keep on spinning, as normal as possible.

          The prove of Muslim’s bravery is the return of the Muslims worldwide to praise their Lord in the Eid Al-Fitr later this May. Without your stimulation, they won’t have any courage to do that.

            The honorable President Donald Trump,

        In the end, it’s still better to give humanity the chance to live longer. “The New Way of Lockdown” should be tried to be implemented in anyway we can. Every human in this world should enter their home at the same time to praise for their Lord and repent for the sins they have done. With your influence towards UN it’s hoped that this thing can happen.

            Doing The New Way of Lockdown at the same time in all over the world, scientifically will have a tremendous effect in stopping the Chinese virus’ advance rather than locking down at home on their own, country per country. On the other hand, our praise to the Creator and the plea for repentance is hoped to exterminate the Chinese virus forever and ever. We hope that Chinese virus will mutate to not be able to infect human anymore in the end.

            This conclude my letter, hope it will be beneficial for us all, Amen.


Taufiq Muhibbuddin Waly

Sent also to:

1.      United Nations

2.      OIC