Before discussing the topic above, I think we need the complete data as much as possible  about drugs in Indonesia.

Data :

  1. Indonesia is the biggest drug market in Asia and possibly in the world.
  2. Almost all drugs that enter Indonesia comes from China.
  3. News from the 2016 National Narcotics Control Commission of China informed that 250 tons of methamphetamine narcotics had entered Indonesia. But methamphetamine seized throughout 2016, was only 1 ton.
  4. China seems to be actively helping the process of combating drugs in all of its forms. This is proven by the cooperation of the Chinese narcotics agency with Indonesia. Where one of them is a notification like point number 2. And it was reported that they also took part in capturing ships carrying ± 3 tons of methamphetamine in February 2018. Even China reportedly support the actions of Philippine president Duterte to shoot dead as many drug dealers as possible in the Philippines. But in reality, China allows active factories to make narcotics raw materials. The New York Times, 21 June 2015, questioned China’s policy. Because based on their knowledge, more than 150 Chinese companies seem to be allowed to produce narcotics as well as the most dangerous form of narcotics or zombie narcotics (flakka). There is no information yet that China raided the biggest drug factory in China aimed at the export sector. But if the factory proves to be selling drugs to the Chinese population itself, the factory will be disbanded. As reported by foreignpolicy.com. The raids on a village in Guangzhou are also in the Chongqing and Fujian regions, where residents produce drugs that are traded throughout the country of China.
  5. China strongly prohibits the use of narcotics in its people. From 1.379 billion population of China, only 2.95 million were reported as drug users. While Indonesia, based on the 2017 National Narcotics Agency report, states that narcotics users in Indonesia have reached 6.4 million of the 262 million people of Indonesia. China also showed the world the death penalty for drug dealers carried out in front of thousands people. In 2014, China reported that they have succeeded in seizing 9.3 tons of heroin and 11.4 tons of metamphetamine from the golden triangle (Laos, Myanmar, Thailand).
  6. Based on drug smuggling cases in Indonesia, 65% of cases are smuggled by sea and 35% of cases are smuggled by air. But in quantity, it can be said that the number of drugs entering Indonesia is 99.9% from the sea. Because hundreds of tons of drugs can be transported by ship. The highest case of drugs smuggled through the air, only weighing 2,02 kg. Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali in 2015 arrested 9 cases of drug smuggling by air. And the total weight of the confiscated drug was only 2.31 kg. While their  report in 2014 from January to September, the total weight of confiscated drugs was only 81 kg.
  7. Indonesia has 28,000 illegal ports or rat ports. And based on BNN data, almost all smuggling of drugs from the sea comes from China.
  8. It is interesting that drug smuggling can be through logs, candy, eyeliner, even new cellphones that are still sealed.
  9. Budi Waseso (Buwas) in one of his scientific speeches in Makassar on October 2, 2017 stated that drug users in 2016 reached 6.4 million people. For me this amount is fantastic. Due to the national survey on the prevalence of narcotics abuse in 2014, using an upward trend the estimated number of drug users is only around 5 million in 2020. 3,722,800 male and 1,302,100 female.
  10. Every year hundreds of tons of methamphetamine-type drugs make it into Indonesia. But the maximum number of methamphetamine drugs that were confiscated was only 4.71 tons (in 2017). Whereas in 2018, which has only been running for 2 months, ± 3 tons of methamphetamine drugs have been confiscated. There is information said that 600 tons of methamphetamine drugs will enter Indonesia in 2018.
  11. 90% of drug trafficking cases in Indonesia throughout 2017, were carried out from prison.
  12. Jokowi became president in October 2014. And in January 2015, he declared that Indonesia is in drugs emergency. Whereas in December 2016 he said he would have a big war with drugs as strong as possible.
  13. For the sake of justice, President Jokowi is considered to be only responsible for the development of drugs in Indonesia throughout 2015, 2016, 2017 and early 2018.

Number of cases and precursors of narcotics successfully revealed in Indonesia:


Number of suspected narcotics dealers and narcotics precursors successfully revealed in Indonesia:


Number of narcotics users (million):

20132014201520162017 Data Yet

Weight of confiscated methamphetamine (tons):


Confiscated ecstasy (item):


Confiscated cannabis (tons):


Number of drug trafficking in the Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s era (10 years of service): 5 people

Number of drug trafficking in Jokowi’s era (3 years of service): 18 people

Number of dealers who were shot dead at SBY’s era (10 years of service): 1 person (?)

Number of dealers who were shot dead at Jokowi’s era (3 years of service): 79 people

  1. Age of drug users ranges from 10-59 years old. Most users are at the age of 24-35 years. Students and college students consisted of around 27.32% from total.
  2. Deaths per day range from 30-40 people in 2015, to 50 people per day in 2016. And I is estimated around 15 thousand young people die from drugs per year, since 2016.
  3. 1 gram of methamphetamine is consumed by 5 people. For 6.4 million users, 6 tons of methamphetamine are needed per week or ± 300 tons of methamphetamine per year.
  4. The number of dealers that have been sentenced to death is 25 people. Has been shot dead in the Jokowi era as many as 18 people in 3 different times. January 18, 2015, 6 people, 29 April 2015, 8 people, 29 July 2016, 4 people.

Volume 4 execution is delayed because according to Jokowi / attorney general:

The Constitutional Court’s decision that allows the review of the case (PK) that can be done many  times.

The Constitutional Court also decided that the president’s clemency answer, which was supposed to be a maximum of 1 year after the death sentence verdicts, become unlimited on how many times that it can be applied.

  1. There is still a chance, someone sentenced to death and has been undergoing a sentence of 10 years, to be converted into a 20-year prison sentence instead (RKUHP).
  2. The Indonesian Ombudsman, together with the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation, National Commission on Human Rights, Contrast, made it difficult to shoot dead on the spot and the execution of drug dealers. Catholic religious leaders also issued fatwas rejecting the death penalty for drug dealers
  3.  Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, claims to have reduced drug users by as much as 90%, after shooting to death in place of all drug-related people by 3,900 people from 30 June 2016 to October 2017 (16 months). Other data stated that 7,000 people were killed or around 15 people every day.
  4. The money supply, due to narcotics is very powerful and tantalizing. Budi Waseso (Head of BNN) in December 2017 said that transactions of drug use in Indonesia in 2017 reached 250 trillion Rupiah. And he was jokingly said that he’s ready to secure the drug dealers if given 8 billion in cash, directly to him without intermediaries.
  5. Ministry of Law and Human Rights, open an online application to make it easier for Chinese people in China to become Indonesian citizens.
  6. Chinese foreign workers registered at the Director General of Immigration are the largest of all foreign workers in Indonesia, reaching 21,271 people. Other information states that Chinese foreign workers range from 1 million – 10 million and most of them are only unskilled or inappropriate to work in Indonesia. Jokowi’s direction to the relevant ministers on March 6, 2018, requested that foreign workers will be given facilities on permits, not to be complicated. And given unlimited visas and unlimited permits.


            With the data shown above, then what is said by respectable people of this country, that Indonesia is in a state of emergency in the danger of drugs or invitations that say that it is the time for Indonesia to conduct jihad or a major war against drugs is true. The target to keep the number of drug users from exceeding 5 million by 2020 has been far exceeded in 2016. Drug users in 2016 reached 6.4 million and there is no information on how many drug users in 2017. For that reason, the news which preached that there will be 600 tons of methamphetamine drugs in 2018, is a logical thing. Because to supply 6.4 million lives of methamphetamine users, it takes 300 tons of methamphetamine every year. And it is estimated that throughout 2018, users of methamphetamine, increased in number and it’s not impossible, has reached 10 million people. Or it requires at least 500 – 600 tons of methamphetamine to supply them. Thus the death of Indonesia’s young generation per year could be more than 20,000 throughout 2018. The money generated from drug transactions, if it is estimated it might be around 400 trillion rupiah in 2018.

What can we do to overcome a vicious drug attack?

The existence of 28,000 rat ports along Indonesian waters is a weak point that is difficult to overcome. Thus the evil drug will surely enter the fortress of Indonesia. Staying in the castle by shooting dead all people connected with the devil drugs in the fortress, as what Duterte did, proved to be very successful. Namely, the decline in drug users to 90%. However according to my analysis it can be said that 100% who were shot were Filipino people themselves. Because if many foreigners were shot, it is certain that foreign countries will make protest loudly, and that endangers the diplomatic relations of the Philippines with these foreign countries. One thing that has been experienced by president Jokowi, at the time of the execution of 18 drug dealers who were mostly foreigners. While protests from the National Human Rights Commission were ignored by Duterte. And that is a natural thing. Because Israel or Syria, for example, also rejected all UN human rights protests and UN resolutions.

Duterte must be recognized as having courage and a strong commitment for destroying the drug devil. He dared to face violent protests from human rights activists and even the leaders of the Catholic church in the Philippines. For example, protests against Duterte due to the death of a 17-year-old boy shot by Philippine anti-drug police. The incident prompted the head of the Catholic church in the Philippines to reaffirm his request to Duterte, to stop his cowboy policy. Catholicism is the religion of 85% of the Filipino population. But Duterte ignored the protests. He even dared to criticize the leaders of the Philippine Catholic Church.

            I myself agree with Duterte’s policy. Shoot dead 1,000 – 2,000 devil drugs a year, is preferable than 15,000 – 20,0000 young Indonesians to die each year. I agree with General Soeharto’s policy, which shot 100,000 to 500,000 communist devils, rather than the Indonesian state becoming a communist state. The problem is whether there is a President of Indonesia, who has the courage like Duterte or General Suharto?

Allah’s Word on Ar-Rum 41, Al Anfal 25 takes precedence over Al Maidah 32.

Ar Rum 41:

Corruption has appeared in land and sea because of the doings of the people’s hands, that He may make them taste something of what they have done, so that they may come back.

Al Anfal 25:

And beware of a punishment which shall not visit the wrongdoers among you exclusively, and know that Allah is severe in retribution.

Al Maidah 32:

That is why We decreed for the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul, without [its being guilty of] manslaughter or corruption on the earth, is as though he had killed all mankind, and whoever saves a life is as though he had saved all mankind. Our apostles certainly brought them manifest signs, yet even after that many of them commit excesses on the earth.

If the present and future Presidents of Indonesia are not as brave as Duterte, then what actions have the same effect or even more effective than what Duterte’s currently doing?

If we believe in the truth of The New York Times news and data about the relationship between China and drugs (as I wrote above), it is difficult to argue that drug exports are a Chinese state program. Because drug exports to Indonesia clearly make a significant contribution to adding to the wealth of the Chinese state. Intelligence information from China, which leaked ships containing drugs from China to Indonesia, is a beautiful trickery from China.

The second way, is to attack outside the castle. The Chinese government was asked to close all factories that produce drugs, including their precursors. Cooperation with the international world is needed to force China to do this. If there are still Chinese vessels carrying drugs, which are captured in Indonesia, then diplomatic relations with the Chinese government must be severed, whatever the risks will be.

Termination of diplomatic relations will automatically invalidate the decision of the Minister of Law and Human Rights which makes it easy for residents of the Chinese state to become Indonesian citizens. Chinese foreign workers were forced to return to China, because it will be troublesome if they were to be spies for China. Even maximum protection of 28,000 illegal harbor must be carried out. Because in addition to the escape of the drug devil, it is also feared that Chinese spies will enter the Republic of Indonesia.

If the present and future President of Indonesia does not dare to carry out the second method, then what else should be done?

The third way is to strengthen the defenses inside the castle, without having to do it Duterte’s way. The people must be provoked to overturn the Constitutional Court’s decision, on the matter of answering clemency that has been prolonged and PK that can be submitted many times.

The Jokowi’s government cannot give a reason that the volume 4 execution is delayed because of the Constitutional Court’s decision. Although the Constitutional Court did not change its decision, Jokowi’s government must be more active. The attorney general must actively ask whether the death sentence for the drug, will ask for clemency or not. If they don’t apply for clemency within 1 month, the problem is over. If there is a case review (PK), then within 3 months after the death sentence is determined the PK must have been submitted. If no PK is submitted, then the problem is solved. If there is a PK, then it is immediately sent to the Supreme Court and actively asks when the Supreme Court decision, about the PK is completed. If within one month the Supreme Court cannot complete the PK, the government must protest to the Supreme Court and the Parliament. Indonesian people must be provoked to urge the Supreme Court, so that all convicts sentenced to death who submit the PK can be resolved for up to 1 month.

Regarding the issue of applying for another PK or repeated PK, the Supreme Court has stated that it can only be re-processed by the Supreme Court if the Supreme Court’s decision on the first PK is not in accordance with the previous court’s decision. This means that there is no repeated PK if the Supreme Court decision on the first PK is the same as the previous court decision. Or the death sentence of those drug dealers must be carried out as soon as possible. The President of Indonesia must be encouraged to answer clemency no later than 1 month after the request for clemency is submitted to the President.

If what I wrote above is done then there is no reason for the jokowi government not to carry out the volume 4 death sentence as soon as possible on the drug dealers.

Including strengthening defenses in the fortress is carrying out executions of drug dealers who have been sentenced to death, in front of thousands of people (imitating the Chinese way).

Including strengthening the defenses inside the fortress is a parade to be carried out, drug users are caught, before they are sent to rehabilitation centers for drug addicts.

Including strengthening defenses inside the fortress is rejecting Chinese foreign workers, working in Indonesia. President Jokowi in his briefing on March 6, 2018 asked the relevant ministers so that foreign workers, granted permits, should not be complicated. And should be given unlimited visas and unlimited permits.

Jokowi’s direction to the relevant minister not to complicate the permits of the foreign workers even encouraged to give visas without limits, is very dangerous in the war against drugs. Moreover, if the foreign workers come from China. Another thing which is very ridiculous when Chinese foreign workers, whose skills are lower than native citizens are allowed to work in Indonesia and even given a decades-old visa to live in Indonesia. For example, the arrival of doctors from China to work in Indonesia. The diagnosis of an illness is closely related to the patient’s residence, religion and customs of the patient. For example, a dengue disease that we know attacks many Indonesian people. DHF is most likely to be difficult to diagnose, and has an impact on the wrong treatment done by doctors from China. Because DHF cases are confirmed to be very scarce, in China. That’s the conclusion if we read the first rankings from Google, if we click on DHF Pathogenesis and pathophysiology. In fact, in Indonesia it is very rarely a Chinese will undergo treatment because of dengue. Even at the time of Dengue outbreak and many Chinese people resided around the hospital.

Including strengthening the defenses in the fortress are all drug dealers, both large and small, the penalty is the death sentence. Thus the RKUHP, regarding the possibility of life imprisonment for drug dealers must be changed.

The third way that I explain is the last way. That way in my opinion is absolute, it must be carried out by the current President of Indonesia or the upcoming President of the Republic of Indonesia. If even then it cannot be done or there is no candidate for the President of Indonesia (whose name is now widely mentioned to be nominated in the 2019 presidential election) who dares to do the third way, then the people of Indonesia must have the courage to look for and force someone to be made as the President of the Republic of Indonesia. For the sake of winning the war in jihad against drugs. Without an Indonesian President like that, it is difficult to argue that in the next 10-15 years RI will become a market and slaves of drugs and also foreign slaves.

The table shows, during the 3 years of Jokowi’s government clearly showing signs of defeat in the war against drugs. After all he has made history, as the first President of Indonesia to shoot 18 drug dealers to death. And the first RI President who shot dead 79 drug dealers on spot.

Yasin 60:

Did I not exhort you, O children of Adam, saying, “Do not worship Satan (drugs). He is indeed your manifest enemy”

Comment: After reading this article, are the devil drugs and their followers still not real? Are we still going to glorify or worship those drug devils and their followers?

Al A’raf 96:

If the people of the towns had been faithful and Godwary, We would have opened to them blessings from the heaven and the earth. But they denied; so We seized them because of what they used to earn.

Comment: Hopefully we all do not deny or look down on this article.

Al Anfal 25:

And beware of a punishment which shall not visit the wrongdoers among you exclusively, and know that Allah is severe in retribution.

Comment: Indonesian people who feel themselves devout even their ulemas, must do everything in their power, to destroy the devil of drugs and their followers. If they are not serious about doing that, then even the harsh punishment of God will surely afflict them all. As happened to the devil drug and its followers.

            The history of the Javanese (read: Indonesia) shows that the Javanese were very dependent on their leaders. If the leader is great, the Javanese will live a noble life. But if the leaders is not great then they will fall into the caste of Shudra and even Pariah. Pariah outside Indonesia and inside Indonesia.