The Revision of Einstein Theory

The Revision of Einstein Theory



Einstein once stated that E=M.C2. For me that theory is not exactly correct. Einstein said that energy is equal with mass times the square of speed of light.  So energy that’s happening depends on the weight of mass. And energy that something has can only be equal to the square of speed of light. Even though energy that can actually occurs depends on how much speed that the mass received and how much power the mass has, to develop the energy within it.

If we use Einstein equation then it means we limit energy that’s contained in something, even though energy that’s happening can be unlimited. Energy depends on power of mass and the velocity that the mass received (in this case the velocity can be received by chemical or physics reactions or even from the category of metaphysics/given). But the most important thing is the velocity that the mass received. Energy that’s happening can be so big or even unlimited if the velocity that the mass received is as big or bigger than the speed of light. Therefore the speed of light can be  ^2 can reach ^3, or ^4, or ^100 or even can’t be calculated (unlimited(.

E = the power of mass x velocity of light. The energy that can be made is the power of mass times speed of light only. Without the need to limit velocity of light to ^2.

An-Naml 38-40, that tells movement of the big and sturdy queen Bilqis’ palacen from Yemen to Palestine that has the distance of 2265,4 km in an instant, shows the weakness of Einstein theory about energy. Or energy doesn’t depends on speed of light^2 and the mass of an object. The movement of queen Bilqis’ palace was done by ordinary human. Not a giant or genie.

  1. [Solomon] said, “O assembly [of jinn], which of you will bring me her throne before they come to me in submission?”
  2. A powerful one from among the jinn said, “I will bring it to you before you rise from your place, and indeed, I am for this [task] strong and trustworthy.”
  3. Said one who had knowledge from the Scripture, “I will bring it to you before your glance returns to you.” And when [Solomon] saw it placed before him, he said, “This is from the favor of my Lord to test me whether I will be grateful or ungrateful. And whoever is grateful – his gratitude is only for [the benefit of] himself. And whoever is ungrateful – then indeed, my Lord is Free of need and Generous.”

Power of mass depends on its own weight but for velocity of light it is given..

Power of mass is a mass that contains low weight (e.c 60 kg) can actually give the same or bigger power to something that has much bigger mass..

Meanwhile velocity of light is a given. Conclusion from Einstein relativity law is energy from a thing or creature is relative and can’t be fixed.

Revision of Einstein’s Relativity Law.

1st Postulate:

Every mass (except inanimate object) has ability to increase the power of its own mass..

So that inanimate object with 100 kg of mass, the power of mass will still be 100 kg (the mass of that inanimate object).. meanwhile a 100 kg human can have 500 kg power of mass..

2nd Postulate:

Speed of light is a given, given by means of the creator’s power or something that human does. We can’t limit the power that God gives.

So Einstein’s equation

E= M (power of mass) x C (given).

Or energy of an object or creature is relative or uncertain.



A very sad anecdote

Once upon a time there were two Jews discussing about something,

A: I want to write a book about the secret of Jews to rule the world

B: I object

“Don’t you ever dare to leak our secret into a book, if Muslims read it they might succeed to compete with us and we might be in a real precarious situation later”

A; “Don’t worry it is not a problem if we write down our secrets. even after we publish that book the Muslims won’t  read it. Because they don’t like to read”

B: “If they read it what would happen?”

A: “Don’t worry! Even if they read it we won’t have to worry, because they don’t like to think…”

B: “But what would happen if there were some of them that can read and want to ponder about it?”

A: “Calm down man & no need to worry… even if they read and think about what they read all the time they won’t get anything out of it… because they won’t do what we write there.”

B: “There were only silence for a moment as he inhaled a deep breath. Then he asked to A, “Why you can be so sure?”

Calmly A answered, “Just look at what they do to their holy scripture. They only use it as a display, toys, competition and dowry. If only they read, think and do what they understand… of course Muslims would have ruled this world earlier than us.”

This story is for me and for you… this story is what has become of their secret, how pathetic…

Hope it can inspire Muslims to get up and reach the glory of this world.

I hope that my writing about the revision of Einstein equation (Jews’ smartest man) can show us that it’s not the Jew that is the greatest but Qur’an itself is indeed the most magnificent one.

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