This World Is A Big Cluster for COVID-19

This World Is A Big Cluster for COVID-19

Raja Waly

Nowadays almost every country in the world are competing for doing testing and testing and testing towards its people. And then isolating the one tested as positive. Is this course of action can defeat and win the war against COVID-29? We can see for example 5 countries with the highest total population on earth (outside of China). Because it is believed that China don’t give us trusted report. 5 countries with highest population count are:

  1. India : 1.357.530.000
  2. United States of America : 333.026.000
  3. Indonesia : 268.074.600
  4. Pakistan : 219.199.000
  5. Brazil : 212.898.000

If we take US as an example as the richest from those 5 countries, even the richest one in the world. Then the nation’s ability until now (11th April 2020), to do COVID-19 testing towards its people, it can only do around 2.538.888 (or 0,76% of US total population). How about the other 99,24% who are not being tested yet? How many of them are positive?

Positive COVID-19 patients (positive RT-PCR test) can be without any symptoms. And if they are talking to someone, for 5 minutes can expel around 3000 droplets (equal to COVID-19 positive patient’s cough or COVID-19 individuals with coughing symptom).

With that as the basic, it’s clear that US can’t screen all of its people as fast as possible and then isolating all the positive individuals. Searching for patients that need observation from hundreds of millions of US citizens is something deemed as impossible. With that in mind, then if we want this whole situation to resolve quickly we have to enforce total lockdown for all regions in the US. Still, even after lockdown done by US, if Mexico were not enforcing the same policy, COVID-19 can make its comeback to haunt US citizens. The same with Italy, even though Italy is experiencing significant case reduction after total lockdown policy, but because Austria and Slovenia are not doing the same thing, then Italy can experience COVID-19 outbreak again from Austrians or Slovenians. Because of that I agree with what a Malaysian doctor has said about Indonesia as a big cluster for Malaysia that is undergoing tight lockdown policy now.

Other thing that can make the China’s virus intensify nowadays is the rarity of mask. Only P100 mask that can completely block Corona virus (with the pores width of only about 0,02 micrometres), whereas the majority of people don’t even know where to find this type of face mask in the first place. N95 has around 0,3 micrometres of pores width or around 300 nanometres, this type of mask can only mainly contain the virus located in macro droplets (≥0,5 micrometres). But the transmission that happen trough airborne from micro droplets, can’t be contained completely by this N95 mask. Even though this N95 mask has exorbitant price range nowadays and even by that price tag it’s still hard to be find. The world’s situation today can’t afford to give everybody N95, even surgical masks are still hard to be find. Corona virus has particles size of around 0,12 micrometres, whereas surgical mask has 2 micrometres of pores width in its fibers.

With the basic as what has been written above, then the only logical way to quickly resolve this pandemic is to do total lockdown at the same time for all countries in the world, just like what Italy has done.

Lessons that we can take from Chinese Corona virus:

  1. The time for repentance or the time for embracing Islam has come for everybody especially those of 70 year old and above. Because at 70 year old and above, the rate of death caused by Corona virus increase to above 4%. Higher than average rate of death caused by COVID-19 which is 4% of total cases. These elderly should be given chance to ponder about the true way. Which is by separating them from younger people. So that they will be harder to be infected if total lockdown truly be put in motion. But based on what I have seen, this world seems to fully accept these people to go to heaven, the sooner the better.
  2. We have to put our guards up against China.

The late warning regarding COVID-19 spread given by Chinese authority is the cause that make COVID-19 spread so fast to the entire world. This clearly shows China’s personality as devious and opportunistic. The most important thing is they get profit even at the cost of humanity’s greater interest.

  • Stop disastrous genetic engineering that endanger human lives. There should be no more laboratory viral leakage in the future.
  • Follow Islamic teaching in the manner of food regulation. We should not eat bat, snake, pigs, etc.. We don’t want any other bizarre outbreak of higher levels in the future.
  • Don’t mock Muslim women who wear burqa anymore.
  • Make Islamic teaching as a prominent example of healthy lifestyle. Take a little example of washing our hands, face, nose, hair for at least 5 times a day. This kind of lifestyle is something that will help prevent COVID-19 spread.
  • Ponder often while doing social distancing to search for the true essence of life.

May it be beneficial.