To Be An Enlightened Human Being Is The Highest Purpose Of Having A Religion


To Be An Enlightened Human Being Is The Highest Purpose Of Having A Religion.


To be an enlightened human being is the highest purpose of having a religion. Because if we’ve got the light within ourselves then we will be at the same frequency as the source of light. That same frequency will make us closer with creator of the universe. With this, our win in life and way of life on this world and in the hereafter can be certain. That same frequency can even cause people to make incredible things.

The movement of Bilqis’ palace as far as 2264,5 kilometers (from Yemen to Palestine) is an amazing thing that was done by a man that is full of light (Q.S An-Naml: 38-40). His plea to the source of light (Allooh) to make him be able to move Bilqis’ palace with the weight of, , 1 million tons (for example) in blink of an eye (1/400 second) from Yemen to Jerusalem needs energy as little as 1,6398 x 10^27 joules. An energy that can never be achieved by Einstein’s relativity theory, E= M.C^2. If we use Einstein’s equation, energy that can be produced is only 1,296 x 10^19 Joules. Or that said Bilqis’ palace can never be moved to Palestine with a blink of an eye.

So figuratively that pious man was on Bilqis’ palace so therefore causing Bilqis’ palace to shine. And because of that man had the light in him the connection between him and the source of light/energy can be achieved. And the energy was unleashed. So then Bilqis’ palace with the weight of 1 million tons can move out as far as 2264,5 kilometers in only 1/400 millisecond (the fastest the human eye can blink).

With reason above I revise Einstein’s equation so that it can explain on what happened on the movement of Bilqis’ palace. Or collaboration between me and Einstein causing the changing of E=M.C^2 towards E=M (power of mass).C (given). Power of mass is the ability of human to change himself to be light. The more light someone has, then the relation between him and the creator will be made easier and affecting everything that the man of light wants will come into fruition. The light that was needed to lift an object like that surpassing the speed of light to the power of two. Or the speed of light in theory should be c to the power of (+/-)8. Or an object with the mass of 1 million tons that must be moved within 1/400 millisecond and with range of 2264,5 kilometers will needs to be c to the power of eight so that there will be made an energy amounting to 1,6398×10^27 Joules. The occurrence of this much the source of energy will cause the energy to move in a blink of an eye.

The proving of theory above will answer question of the escapement of 3 teenagers from the cave that’s blocked by a big stone (like what has been told by hadith from Bukhari and Muslim). They asked the source of light (Allooh SWT), to unleash the energy to make the big stone move and causing them to walk outside of the cave. They showed their power of mass so they can be connected by the source of light. They kept on mentioning their highest deeds that they had done. They hope that is the light that they need to connect with the source of light and making them through the same frequency. And so the big stone moved, then they can exit safely from the cave. But, the movement of the big stone can only happen with accumulation of lights that are inside of every teenager from that cave. If the one that’s trapped inside of the cave is only one or two people then the big stone couldn’t be moved as leisurely as it did. This event would cause them to be unable to exit from the cave. The lesson from this story, praying together will make du’a easier to be granted compared to praying alone or with just a few of them.

The same thing happened on a woman that has abnormal placental location while she was conceiving for the third time. Her daughter’s placenta was located right above the cervix (placenta previa totalis). That thing had been causing the woman to bleed multiple times, no matter how that woman had been rested completely from her job. An advice to stop her pregnancy was rejected by the doctor because the baby will never survive outside of uterus (<24 weeks of pregnancy). She was really dying to have another child (3rd child). Because the last child she delivered was already 9 year old at that time (the 2nd son from that woman).

At one time, she was hospitalized again because of pervaginal bleeding, then her husband decided to let her underwent the operation. For the sake of that woman’s survival. Blood supply from all blood banks had been ordered beforehand because her blood type is a rare type (AB positive type). Because of her obgyn busy schedule operation can only be done at 2 or 3 AM. Around 1 A.M, her husband tried to change his power of mass that he had. With hope, to make the source of light/source of energy to unleash its energy to change that woman’s placental location to normal. After her obgyn came to hospital, before operation he did an USG examination to make sure her condition. How surprised he was after he saw placental location had been shifted to the normal zone (fundus uteri). After seeing this, he canceled operation and allowing the woman to return home just 1 day after that. And after the incident, the woman will never has any incident of pervaginal bleeding until the end of her pregnancy. Her child was delivered safely with cesarean operation at normal gestational age (aterm).

Conclusions of the collaboration attempt between Einstein-T.MUDWAL in metaphysics are:

  1. Energy comes from the creator.
  2. The speed of light comes from the creator (given).
  3. The thing that can be done by human is to change himself to light (power of mass)
  4. With that light there comes the same frequency and there established connection with the source of light that has effect of unleashing energy from the source of light. (E=M (power of mass) x C (given)).

So that the human can change into light, it is a must that he is a muslim, doing good deeds and having high degree of sincerity in doing those good deeds. Without high degree of sincerity it’s hard for that human to change into light.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH always prayed like this: “O Allooh, give me your light. Please add me your light. You give me your light to my heart, my grave, my hearing and my sight. And he even said you give light to my hair, my skin, my flesh, my blood and all of my bones”. (Hadith mutawwatir)

Qur’an Az-Zumar 22:

So is one whose breast Allah has expanded to [accept] Islam and he is upon a light from his Lord [like one whose heart rejects it]? Then woe to those whose hearts are hardened against the remembrance of Allah. Those are in manifest error.

Praying for perfecting one’s light. Qur’an At-Tahrim 8:

… “Our Lord, perfect for us our light and forgive us. Indeed, You are over all things competent.”

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